Digital customer onboarding

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Identity registration and validation may be a slow and tiring process for your customers: waiting time, errors and repetition. Pretty sure it is not the impression you want to give of your company.

What would you think if your clients could do the online onboarding verification of their identity wherever they are and whenever they do it?

The system offers a solution that provides comfort and speed in the process of identity verification and helps you to build the Digital Identity Profile of your customer.

Full verification of identity

Full verification of identity in less than 20 seconds

Scan your ID and the technology will extract all the document data and automatically verifies if the ID document is real or fake.

Face match

Face match and liveness test

The system compares the ID document photo with the customer`s selfie matching both and making sure that it is a real user.

Face match
Digital identity

Digital identity

The system analyzes the user’s digital footprint, checking the geolocalization of the user and social media identity data.

Registration is completed!

  • Picture detector
  • Test comparison
  • Geolocalization validation
  • Social Media Validation